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    Our story

    Young, yet experienced. Born in 2015, we are a young company that was born with almost 30 years of experience, if one sums up all of the IT experience accumulated by its partners. After gathering more than 15 years of work in multinational companies within the technology sector, Rafael Franco and Eduardo Pontes founded Alphacode IT Solutions, a company that is born with the aim to ensure excellence in its processes and products, based on the experience achieved by both throughout their careers.

    Focused on your business

    We are experts when it comes to creating customized projects that are carefully attentive to the business’s specific details of each client.

    Based on a strongly structured work methodology, our team has already aided dozens of companies to materialize their projects, until the product launch stage.

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    Our methodology

    We aim to deeply understand your business or idea in order to suggest a more suited solution for each situation, thus we divide our work into:

    • Analysis
    • Wireframe / UX
    • Documentation / Sow
    • Gap Analysis
    • Development
    • Tests
    • Launch and Maintenance
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    Our envision

    We do believe that, based on technology and relying on the cooperation established between our team and our customers, we can fix corporative issues in order to improve the businesses’ productivity, thus contributing to improve our society.

    Our mission

    To create simple and intuitive apps, focused on the user and on fixing real problems of the parties involved.

    Our values

    Committed to delivering, committed to quality, the growth of our clients is our own growth and society’s growth as well.