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    Some reasons for you to get in touch with us about your App

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    A cross-platform app

    The projects developed by Alphacode are based on the Cordova / Ionic technology, which allows your project to be directly developed for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

    Detailed budget

    By talking with our experts, you will be provided with a detailed budget for each functionality of your app, something that allows you to precisely outline what will constitute the project itself.

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    Total support up until the launch

    Apple Store? Google Play? APK? You don’t need to worry about that, our team takes care of everything in order to make sure that your app is launched in those stores.

    Integrated system

    Our apps are integrated with a management system, which grants access to the app’s usage data for a general monitoring.

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    • Rental-free!

      The app is yours and we’re not going to charge any fees for your sales, visits, or users.

    • Agility

      Based on our know-how, gathered through dozens of previously developed apps, we are able to develop your project in less time.

    • Ideas

      For us, your ideas are welcomed, as the app needs to be adapted to you and not the other way round. You depict it and we turn that into reality.

    • Consulting

      Do not know the best means of payment, or risk analysis? Have no idea what SSL is? No problem our team solves everything for you.

    Get to know some of our developed apps

    Trust our experience

    APP Store

    Our team of Apple experts will help you and your company throughout the registering process; and will keep the communication flowing with your company throughout the development process and already after the app’s launch.

    Google Play

    With more than a dozen of apps published on Play Store, keep us in mind when it’s time to publish your Android project

    Dozens of features that you can include in your app, so check out some of them


    Photographing? Recording? Storing moments or documents? No problem.

    Firebase - Real time

    Real-time data monitoring with the latest technology from Google

    Facebook Login

    With an integration using Facebook’s official API, your users will be able to sign in via Facebook

    Social Networks

    Sharing content is something necessary and your app will do just that on the major social networks


    Do you need to track the users’ location or monitor deliveries? Our apps do that.


    Chatting is always welcomed, whether for support purposes or to establish communication with users.

    Full Integration

    Relying on REST APIs, your app can be integrated with hundreds of online services.

    Online payment

    Payments using a credit or a debit card are integrated with the major means of payment

    PUSH Notifications

    Cause an impact on your users when you want, in a segmented way.

    Beacon and Bluetooth

    By using the Beacon technology, you can cause an impact on users in closed environments


    By using the Speech to Text technology, your app can include a transcription feature.


    Converting images into text? Yes, it’s possible to do that with your app.