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    Enter the world of the Internet of Things with our team of experts

    IOT – A universe of innovative solutions at the disposal of your business.

    Together with our customers and partners, we have created innovative solutions based on what is most modern in the Internet segment of things also known as IOT. We can connect a great diversity of devices with the most varied protocols using Bluetooth, MQTT, RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi among others.

    In addition we can work together with a wide variety of hardware such as: Beacons, Internet Buttons, Sensors, Readers among others available in our chain of partners.

    If your company is looking to build a solution in the IOT segment we need to talk.

    Some of the technologies that are at your disposal.


    Through Beacon technology we can implement indor geolocation solutions or impact users at small distances.


    Based on Bluetooth technology we can integrate your hardware directly into our applications and systems creating infinite possibilities of interaction between machines.


    Through the MQTT protocol we are able to enable low latency communication between devices that are in the same network.


    Using the radio frequency and label system we can build integrated solutions for inventory management and monitoring and logistics.

    Internet Button, 1 button, thousands of possibilities

    Through the Internet button we can develop IOT solutions that will fit in the most appropriate way for your business.

    Ever imagined asking a driver or a biker for the touch of a physical button? Or follow the requests of your store via a leds panel? With the Internet Button it is possible.

    Get to know this solution better by talking to our team.

    Some IOT Technology Partners